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How Can I Find Affordable Therapy in Los Angeles?

Finding affordable therapy in Los Angeles can be difficult. Social workers who have obtained masters, psychologists, and psychiatrists can facilitate psychotherapy sessions but sadly the cost of treatment is very much reflected in the level of their training. Many people have found that even though there are a plethora of therapists available in LA a lot of them don’t offer programs that are fully or partially covered by insurance.

When searching for the best therapist it can be very discouraging with the total amount of options, the costs, and specialities . Out of pocket therapy can be an arm and a leg but don’t let the cost discourage you because there are many options to get affordable therapy in LA.

A lot of people think that focusing on health and wellness and putting off therapy is a good alternative to the search for finding a therapist. Even though focusing on physical emotional health is extremely beneficial a therapist will help treat personal traits, behaviors, or trauma that you may not even are aware have such an effect on your daily life.

Don’t give up on connecting to a counselor before you take a closer look at what’s available, through little-known programs offered in Los Angeles we can help you find the affordable therapy options you deserve.

Affordable Therapy Options

During the pandemic many people were stuck in their homes and had no real access to therapists, Now with virtual therapy programs people can seek access to healthcare wherever they are. Many people also look to support groups and alumni programs which are typically more affordable options where you work through challenges related to addiction and mental health struggles with other clients who have similar experiences. And you may even find free therapy services in your neighborhood.

Some strategies you can take to find the best therapist include these tips below. Don’t be discouraged if many of these task seems overwhelming you can always contact our helpline today, which will connect you to a therapy provider

Find Out How Much Your Insurance Will Cover

Before you decide to pay out-of-pocket for mental health treatment or therapy, always check with your insurance provider for Los Angeles therapists that may take your insurance. Los Angeles offers many therapists with many different insurance coverages you may have a very small co-pay and not even realize it, so its always good to confirm with your provider.

Individuals looking for Therapy in Los Angeles with out-of-network benefits can also get reimbursement depending on the therapist. Just make sure the reimbursement amount is worth it if you’ll be paying out of pocket.

See if You Have an Employer Assistance Program (EAP)

As employee burnout rates are higher than ever before so are the options for those seeking mental health treatment. Many companies will offer employee assistance programs or EAP. If you are not sure if you workplace offers this often it is good to check online or talk with someone from HR.

If your workplace does have an EAP, You may qualify for some free therapy sessions with a counselor in Los Angeles. Many employees are worrisome to ask about therapy at work, but do keep in mind that everything you tell your therapist is confidential.

Employers want their employees to take advantage of the services they offer and to practice good self-care, so talk with your human resources (HR) representative about EAP services. These services might also include additional wellness classes or other resources in addition to therapy. Often times these programs will contain programs like

If you’re concerned that your counseling appointments might be recorded in your personnel file, ask your HR representative about confidentiality policies regarding EAP programs.

Call Us Today So we Can Connect You With A Licensed Therapist

Our admissions team can help connect you with a licensed therapist in southern California. With plenty of options in orange county our admissions team will take into account all the factors of cost, condition, preferred treatment, and location to find you a therapist that will best support your recovery.

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