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How Long Does Psychosis Last?

If you or a loved one has mental health issues and experiences a psychotic episode, it’s natural to wonder, “How […]

Depressive Psychosis: What is it?

Depressive psychosis is a condition that impacts around 20% of those with major depressive disorder, according to NAMI (National Alliance […]

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorders

The symptoms of bipolar disorders are characterized by extreme mood swings. If you start to notice bipolar symptoms, getting treatment is […]

Bipolar and Addiction

Bipolar and addiction are both aggravating conditions. When bipolar disorder and substance use disorder co-occur, though, this is known as […]

How to Help Someone with OCD

Discovering how to help someone with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) could make a significant difference to their overall wellbeing and functioning. […]

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

SFBT, also known as solution-focused brief therapy, is a type of talk therapy or psychotherapy. Solution-focused brief therapy focuses on […]

How to Practice Gratitude

Learning how to practice gratitude can help you to shift your focus from the things you lack to the many […]

What is the Root Cause of OCD?

Trying to determine what is the root cause of OCD can be challenging since there is no consensus on how […]

Internalized Stigma in Addiction

Internalized stigma among those with substance use disorders or alcohol use disorders can be a significant barrier for accessing addiction […]

Anxiety Triggers

Anxiety Triggers Learning how to identify your anxiety triggers and implementing healthy coping strategies can help you to manage anxiety […]