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Woman receiving Mental Health Services

Molina insurance coverage is offered in multiple states and with over 27 years in insurance they understand the industry and are a dependable option for mental health coverage.

Molina offers medicare advantage plans for those seeking treatment whilst also offering plans with federal and state governments. The policy options for mental health treatment will vary from state to state, but you can be sure that the majority of your treatment if not all will be covered. If you have Molina and need more information of whether your therapy will be covered don’t hesitate to call our mental health resource line at 833-604-1287.

Most of the time Molina provides coverage for substance use disorder treatment and mental health care. Even though the exact coverage plans will vary you can feel at ease knowing it includes outpatient therapy, partial hospitalization programs (PHP), and intensive outpatient. Despite each state varying in the degree of healthcare legislation, you can be sure there are a plethora of treatment options to those with Molina. 

Therapy Coverage Through Molina

The policies Molina’s mental healthcare options are purchased through come from an established marketplace through the Affordable Care Act. The benefit of ACA is it ensures that insurance providers cover mental health ailments as well as physical conditions and injuries. But mental health treatment is objectified to the same policy limits and benefits as a physical health treatment.

Regardless of how you purchased your Molina treatment plan you can be assured, therapy options are available to you.

All the Molina plans have mental healthcare benefits. They Also have to be judged according to the same parameters of physical benefits. If you are covered by Molina insurance, you can call Molina to understand the coverage options of your plan. You can also get in touch with our treatment hotline to give you a number of in-network therapists and metal health centers that will best meet your coverage needs.

Outpatient Mental Health Services

Molina health covers those suffering with metal health conditions with many different outpatient programs. Molina’s policy guidelines outline outpatient services as any service designed to treat mental health conditions that range between mild and moderate.

These programs include:

  • mental health evaluations and assessments
  • Mental health Testing & Diagnosing
  • Lab Testing
  • Outpatient drug therapy services
  • Therapy consultations

Unfortunately Molina will not cover relationship involved therapy issues including family, marriage, and couples counseling.

Molina Behavioral Health Therapy & Treatment Coverage

Molina offers coverage options for those with behavioral health conditions. Those in network with Molina can receive referrals from your primary physician. Most Molina plans will cover behavioral health services like outpatient mental health treatment and counseling.

Most of the coverage options will vary depending on individual state guidelines. According to the ACA insurance providers are binded by what they must provide so they can operate within the marketplace.

Molina also follows state and federal guidance when considering medicaid. Under the conditions outlined behavioral health services entail a therapist and doctor appointments, treatment sessions, medication management, and a coordination between healthcare providers, therapists, and doctors.

Benefits of Molina Health & Treatment Coverage

Molina’s care coordinators can work with clients to help them know policies, options, and treatment plans. Their purpose is to inform members with the perfect mental health provider for the specific behavioral health needs they require. Additionally, Molina can facilitate long-term medical programs with behavioral treatments, increasing the connection across healthcare provides.

One of the best benefits is, Molina is operates a helpline that’s available to call 24 hours a day. If a member is suffering with a mental health crisis, they can call an expert nurse at any time to get help and resources on how to find treatment.

when you call you can get more info about your benefits and coverage. Also there is a  Summary of Benefits that contains more information on your medical coverage, including coverage for behavioral health treatment.

Rehab Coverage Through Molina

Molinas rehab and California dual diagnosis coverage can be complicated to understand, this varies widely based on the state. Some services are deemed “essential” for addiction treatment, whereas many plans add limitations on the mental health coverage. To learn more about what is covered you can call Molina or fill out our insurance verification form.

Many people will find it reassuring that if your looking for California rehab centers, Molina offers great coverage options for you to integrate into recovery and outpatient care.

Get Treatment Covered by Molina

If you still need clarification on treatment options, where you can receive treatment, or how much your insurance covers call our admissions help line today and learn what you are covered for and how you can receive mental health treatment to live a more fulfilling life of mental wellness.