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Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)

You may be asking what is IOP? Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are an evidence based treatment options used to address addictions, depression, disordered eating, or other Behavioral issues that do not require detox or intense medical supervision. They offer clients the freedom to continue with their normal lives in a way that inpatient treatment centers do not. Whereas inpatient treatment requires clients to live in the facility, whereas clients in IOPs live at home.

IOPs Versus Residential Treatment

IOPs are an important part of any behavioral treatment program. For many people, inpatient care can be challenging and often too overwhelming. Living in a facility, away from home, outside of their comfort zone. The drastic change can be daunting. On the other hand thought, these residential treatment programs often provide the highest level of care, taking clients with addictions away from access to substances they abuse and from bad influences who may encourage relapse or sabotage recovery progress.

But in other realities some clients often have family or work commitments that prevent them from allowing them to focus on recovery 24/7. They can’t pause their lives due to responsibilities.

For clients with many responsibilities, IOPs are the best choice. They still get intensive treatment whilst being able to reside at home.

The best clients for intensive outpatient treatment have a recovery safe home environment. this includes encouraging family members and close friends who are supportive of their loved one in their recovery. If a client resides with other people who use drugs or drink, inpatient treatment is recommended to get the person away from these potential causes for relapse.

California IOP Treatment Centers

Our California recovery center is designed to customize our approach to every client based on the belief that true recovery begins with evaluating the needs of every individual who chooses to join our program. the perfect client is someone who understands that recovery is a powerful journey that can lead to a bright future of growth and self-expression although it takes willingness and honesty to get there. Our programs accept those who are looking for an environment of healing and a caring family of professionals to guide them to a future of endless opportunity.

Some of the programs included in out IOP Programs include

For more information on IOP treatment programs and finding the treatment you deserve call our recovery center today!

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