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Our OCD treatment center in Los Angeles provides evidence based treatment methods to help treat obsessive compulsive disorder. Utilizing a multitude of therapy methods we cater our OCD treatment programs to your exact needs so you can get the proper treatment that caters to your exact needs. This individualized treatment approach to OCD equips our clients with the tools, treatment, and skills to help recovery from OCD and live the life they want.

OCD Therapists in Los Angeles

Therapists who treat OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) will utilize various treatment methods to help those facing OCD  approach the way they think and apply their thought process differently. One type of psychotherapy that is extremely useful is cognitive behavioral therapy. OCD therapists in Los Angeles will use CBT to teach those with OCD think differently and help them manage their fear and obsessive compulsion. The best OCD therapists will be licensed psychologists with years of experience who can help guide you through recovery and help you live the life you want. 

Alternatives to OCD Therapies

Some alternatives to contemporary therapy include prescribing medication to help treat OCD. These usually include anti-anxiety medication and antidepressants. Oftentimes medications will work right away and some may take longer periods of time to work. But the main goal is to only take them for short periods of time to help you manage compulsion and find different ways to cope with anxiety and obsession. 

But it does not go without risk, taking a depressant or medication is not good for everyone in many cases these medications can have a positive impact on treating OCD but have side effects that could include suicidal thoughts. It’s best for when people start taking medications they are closely monitored to understand the effects of the medication.

Sometimes doctors will also continue cognitive behavioral therapy whilst receiving other treatments for OCD to help treat all aspects of the person and teach the individual different coping mechanisms and tools to deal with compulsion and obsession.

Who Can Get Diagnosed With OCD? 

For many individuals OCD can be early onset and begin in early childhood. Most individuals with OCD find they get diagnosed by the age of 19 but it can always be earlier and as far as late adulthood. For some whose OCD is less intrusive they can go most of their lives without knowing. This can be dangerous because it often follows the behavior of self medication like using drugs or alcohol to calm themselves in stressful situations.

Oftentimes OCD is not the only mental ailment an individual faces and people will find they will have co-occurring disorders like eating disorders, drug addiction, or depression. In these situations it is best to get treated for the dual diagnosis that will apply various treatment methods to treat the physical aspects of OCD and the underlying mental condition. This approach is individualized and will help for a lasting recovery.

Signs & Symptoms Of OCD

Some signs and Symptoms of OCD include:

  • Have repeated intrusive thoughts about germs, violence, hurting loved ones, being overly tidy
  • Continue rituals over and over that become a hindrance to daily life, such as washing hands repeatedly, locking and unlocking doors, repeating the same steps over and over.
  • Can’t control unwanted thoughts or behaviors
  • Do rituals progressively to relax anxiety and compulsion not out of need.
  • Thoughts rituals take up an excess of 1 hour of a person’s day

Anxiety and OCD Treatment Center In LA

By Treating anxiety and OCD, psychiatrists can often treat both core issues that a client faces when trying to overcome OCD. Anxiety and OCD treatment centers will have programs that help those with OCD change their thinking patterns and behavior so that the compulsion is under a state of control. Most treatment centers offer a multitude of programs ranging from residential programs, outpatient programs, and virtual outpatient programs. Each is different and provides a different level of care. Oftentimes when determining what treatment is best it will be based on the severity of the condition, your current lifestyle, and individual needs. For those that find their OCD gets in the way of daily life and can hold a job or help themselves an inpatient stay is usually best. But for those that have OCD but still go to work and need to balance their daily lives with recovery they would benefit most from the flexibility of outpatient OCD treatment.


Outpatient OCD Treatment In Los Angeles

Outpatient OCD treatment in Los Angeles can take on many forms and is often individualized to your individual need. Those with more severe OCD will often be in a more intensive outpatient program which will include more visits to a psychiatrist and different approach to cognitive behavioral therapy. For those where OCD is less severe and is more of a daily obstacle the outpatient program will be less intensive, more flexible with you schedule, and more apt to give you freedom


But regardless of your individual situation, outpatient OCD treatment methods offer the best treatment options for those who want to focus on recovery while still being active in their daily lives. For more information on outpatient treatment feel free to call us today.

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OCD is caused by hereditary factors. Brain chemistry, structural and functional abnormalities in the functioning of our brains that may cause us to distort beliefs. These beliefs reinforce and cause symptoms associated with OCD.

Best way to help someone with PTSD is support their wellness, be understanding of their compulsions, and help them find a caring treatment center that will help them reach their mental wellness goals

A brain region that is associated in the symptoms of OCD is the orbitofrontal cortex

OCD recovery is different for everyone. Everyone is individual when it comes to their mental health. But most people who have recovered from PTSD describe a freedom feeling with more aptitude and control of their daily lives.


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