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DBT is a vital part of the recovery process allowing our expert therapists help treat mental illness and promote mental health.

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy Los Angeles

Dialectical behavior therapy is an evidence-based therapy modality originally developed for use with patients who have borderline personality disorder. Often referred to as DBT, dialectical behavior therapy programs are an effective way to treat other conditions that encourage high-risk behavior such as substance use disorders, binge eating disorders, and more.

Dialectical behavior therapy in Los Angeles is a helpful tool for anyone trying to quit using drugs and alcohol. Seeking a treatment program that involves DBT can make a massive difference if you’re struggling with mental illness or addiction. How can you find a DBT certified therapist near you to receive the help you need?

What Happens in Dialectical Behavior Therapy Programs?

Dialectical behavior therapy programs are a form of talk therapy similar to other cognitive behavioral therapy approaches. However, some critical elements separate DBT certified therapists from their counterparts. What happens in DBT that makes it unique from other therapeutic modalities?

The clinician who originally developed DBT recognized the particular responses to treatment that separated people with high-risk conditions from their peers. Individuals with conditions like borderline personality disorder or substance use disorder often felt criticized and misunderstood by traditional therapeutic methods. This led to low rates of treatment adherence and higher rates of relapse.

Instead, dialectical behavior therapy programs focus on five main functions of treatment that make the approach unique:

    • Enhancing capabilities: developing or improving key life skills, such as emotional regulation, attention span, interpretation of interpersonal relationships.
    • Generalizing capabilities: expanding the skills learned in treatment to fit the patient’s natural environment through assignments outside of treatment.
  • Improving motivation and reducing dysfunctional behaviors: changing and reducing behaviors that make life more difficult or burdensome to live.
  • Enhancing and maintaining therapist capabilities and motivation: DBT not only considers the needs of clients but also supports the needs of therapists who work with these high-risk individuals, keeping them inspired and encouraged to continue their practice.
  • Structuring the environment: creating an environment that reinforces effective behavior changes and progress and does not reinforce problematic behaviors.

Dialectical behavior therapy programs involve three avenues for treatment: individual therapy sessions, group skills training, and therapist consultation meetings. The combination of these approaches makes DBT a more comprehensive treatment modality than other traditional methods.

DBT Certified Therapists Near Me

Treatment programs that incorporate dialectical behavior therapy understand the unique needs that keep people trapped in their cycle of symptoms. If you’re struggling to manage your mental illness or control your substance use, you may want to find a DBT certified therapist near you. 

DBT Therapy: Los Angeles

DBT therapy and DBT group therapy in Los Angeles are often used as part of a larger treatment plan for mental health or addiction. Some treatment programs offer this unique approach to therapy to provide the most effective care possible. Incorporating dialectical behavior therapy into a comprehensive treatment plan can help you overcome your struggles with substance or mental illness and so you can develop a happy, fulfilling life.

How to Find DBT Therapists in Los Angeles

Finding a DBT certified therapist in Los Angeles can seem intimidating if you aren’t sure where to look. How do you know which dialectical behavior therapy programs are right for you? Reaching out for help is the first step to finding the program that best fits your needs. Call us today to speak with someone who can help you understand your options and make the decision that’s right for you.

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