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Communication issues, estrangement, divorce, and financial hardship are a few of the problems that arise when a loved one experiences mental illness or substance use disorder. Family counseling services are a tool that provides space for family members to uncover, talk about, and overcome these difficulties.

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Family Therapy in Los Angeles, California

Addressing and mending dysfunctional family relationships is a key component of the recovery process. Sometimes these flawed relationships existed long before mental illness or substance use disorder developed. Other times they break down after the effects of these conditions stretch loved ones to their breaking point.

Regardless of which came first, healing these relationships is a vital part of the treatment process. It may seem like mental illness and substance use disorder affect the people with the condition most but their families struggle, too. Family therapy in Los Angeles, CA brings family members together to work through their difficulties and support each other as they heal.

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy places specific family members or the family unit as a whole in an environment where they can work through underlying conflict and unresolved issues. The counselor serves as a neutral third party and oversees the sessions, ensuring that each family member has the chance to voice their struggles and concerns.

Marriage and Family Therapy Programs

Marriage and family therapy programs recognize the important role these close relationships play in the recovery process. These programs are designed to mend the rifts between family members, such as spouses, parents and children, or siblings. Most programs are short-term, specific, and solution-oriented, designed to effect change in as brief a period as possible.

Family Counseling: Los Angeles

Family therapy in Los Angeles is an integral part of an effective treatment program. Trying to build a foundation of recovery is almost impossible without addressing the unresolved difficulties among family members. Lasting change happens when every person in the family is willing to look at their role in the situation. Thankfully, there are many options available for family counseling in LA.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Someone who seeks treatment and finds recovery will still feel pressure from strained family relationships if these challenges aren’t addressed. Extensive research supports the fact that family collaboration and engagement are an essential part of the therapeutic process. Family therapy in Los Angeles that involves other members in the treatment process is far more likely to lead to lasting results.

Benefits of family therapy programs include increased self-efficacy, improved communication practices, and a stronger sense of trust among family members. Family counseling services also teach family members to recognize successes along with mistakes, to reframe harsh views of one another, and encourage an environment of authenticity.

Finding Family Therapy Near Me

Are you ready to find a family therapy program in Los Angeles? Once you understand the important role this treatment approach plays, it’s difficult to overlook the benefits of family therapy. Finding family therapy near you is the first step to healing the difficulties that arise when a family member lives with mental illness or substance use disorder. 

Reach out today to find family therapy in Los Angeles that’s right for you and your loved ones.

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