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Trauma Therapy

Trauma Informed Therapy Therapy Programs

Find Solace From Stress & Trauma With Our Trauma Therapy Programs and Treatments

What is trauma therapy, what does a trauma-informed treatment plan consist of, and how can you find trauma-informed therapists near you? Call today and let our trauma informed specialists walk you through your recovery journey so you can reach your mental wellness goals.

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Trauma Therapy Los Angeles

Clinicians have always known that exposure to trauma can cause serious, lasting effects on a person’s physical and mental health. Ongoing research and studies are revealing just how extensive an impact these experiences have, though. Trauma therapy and trauma-informed care are both vital parts of providing effective treatment for individuals who experienced trauma.

Statistics on abuse and violence from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are sobering. One in four children experiences some form of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. 25% of women experience domestic violence. One in five women and one in 71 men experience sexual assault during some point in their life, with 12% of women and 30% of men experiencing it before the age of 10.

Trauma is a prevalent experience for many people in the United States. This only makes the need for trauma counseling centers all the more apparent. Providing people with a  trauma-informed treatment plan gives them a better chance at finding relief from the impact of their experiences. 

What is Trauma Therapy?

Trauma-informed treatment operates on the understanding that a large portion of the population has experienced some form of trauma. While many people who go through something traumatic will move forward without any lasting negative effects, others experience distressing responses to their trauma.

These distressing symptoms of trauma can be deep-seated and subtle or invasive and overt. The extent to which a traumatic experience affects a person depends on factors including their age, the type of experience, their developmental process, sociocultural factors, and more.

Trauma therapy involves considering a patient’s life experiences to provide effective care when working with them. This doesn’t only mean within mental health or addiction treatment environmenst; trauma-informed treatment plans include visits with primary care physicians and other specialists, too.

Trauma Counseling: Los Angeles

Trauma counseling in Los Angeles offers trauma-informed treatment plans for anyone seeking help. Anyone trying to ignore the effects of trauma will find they won’t be successful for long. Ignoring the effects of trauma only causes them to worsen over time. Symptoms that are left untreated often limit progress in other areas of treatment, such as  substance abuse recovery. 

Trauma-Informed Treatment Plan

Trauma-informed treatment plans are an important part of working with people who experienced trauma. A trauma-informed plan considers each client’s past experiences when deciding which forms of therapy and approaches to incorporate. Using forms of therapy that acknowledge the impact of trauma improves a patient’s engagement, adherence to treatment programs, and their overall treatment outcomes.

Trauma-Informed Therapists Near Me

If you’re seeking help for your mental health or substance abuse, you must find a  trauma-informed therapist near you if you want effective treatment. Outpatient trauma therapy will ensure you receive the best care possible and provides results that last. How can you find a trauma counseling center?

Finding a Trauma Therapy Treatment Center in Los Angeles

Trauma therapy in Los Angeles is an important part of a comprehensive mental health or addiction treatment program. If you’re looking for a trauma therapy treatment center in Los Angeles, you have many options available. Thankfully, you can reach out for help if the process of seeking treatment seems daunting on your own. Give us a call today to learn more about the trauma-informed therapy programs near you.

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